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Transparent LED

Translucent, Ventilated

High penetrability, simplified structure design, permeability lies within 65%~95%

Transparent screen turned off:
Glass curtain wall almost stay the same and indoor lighting is not affected. Transparent LED screen itself cannot be found without careful observation.

Highlights of transparent screen:
Glass curtain wall evolves into multimedia curtain wall to demonstrate various pictures and videos and etc.. Conjured it up out of thin air, shows strong comparison.

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Flimsy and Light Screen Body, Simple Structure

Ultrathin screen body, 15kg or so, can be directly attached
and installed on the structure of glass curtain wall without
extra steel structure, save space and installation cost.

Display Effect

160° super view angle, 16bit High gray level, 3000:1 high contrast, 5000~6500nits highlight display, fantastic display effect, vivid image

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Energy conserved 40%

Lateral luminescence encapsulation technology, LED small-size, highlight, low current, save energy 30% of traditional SMD screen. Transparent part of screen gives no light in the play save energy 10% of traditional screen.

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