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Sharp 120" Touchscreen

Bespoke 8K Display for unparalleled lifelike image detail and high visual clarity

With its stunning 8K Ultra-HD resolution, the Sharp 8M-B120C display packs 33 million pixels into its enormous 120” -class panel. This 8K Display with 7,680 x 4,320 pixels achieves a screen resolution 4 times higher than what you get with a 4K panel. You can’t help but feel the depth and presence of the stunningly realistic on-screen images. Sophisticated color-processing technologies support a wide range of color expression along with faithful color mapping on the display. The rich color palette with 1 billion colors adds depth to the content and brings the entire screen to life.

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World’s Largest 120-inch 8K Display

To deliver unmatched detail, 8K packs in 33 million pixels—four times what you get on a 4K panel. The combination of 8K ultra-high resolution and a mammoth 120-inch panel creates an incredibly immersive effect—putting you right inside the scene.

Flexible installation

The 8K Professional Display comes bundled with a floor stand and wallmounting brackets—no need for extra hardware*. Eyebolts are provided on the Display, so you can move the Display using a crane or other lifting device.

*Certain installation locations may require additional hardware. Installation costs are not included in the product price. For conditions applying to installation, please consult with your local authorised Sharp dealer or representative before purchase. Also be sure to check for safety (such as wall strength) before installing

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Multi-screen and other display modes

Content in resolutions up to 4K can be enlarged and upscaled to 8K by the Display. It can also connect to four PCs via video cables to show content from the PCs on one large screen (a 2 × 2 split screen). You can also choose where to show each image on the screen or display them in a size of your choice.

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