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Booking System

Interactive Room Panel

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Perfecting the essentials of room management

The XDS-1078-A9, Advanced 10.1" Interactive Room Panel, is designed for the modern workplace. This slim, 2.8 cm thin panel includes a built-in flush mount bracket and PoE+, for single wire installation. Now, that is one smart and tidy looking room panel!

Android 9 for Data Security

lAdea leads the industry to feature the advanced Android 9 operating system, which includes the latest security updates from Google to meet strict corporate IT requirements. In addition, IAdea is certified with internationally recognized ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard, making sure every product and service IAdea delivers meets the highest security requirements.

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Powerful Octa-core CPU Providing Highly Responsive Interaction

Inside the lAdea XDS-1078-A9 is a powerful ARM Cortex A53 Octa-core CPU paired to an upgraded 2 GB of memory. This ensures a highly responsive touchscreen interaction and fast software experience.

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