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3D Mapping 

Irregular Mapping

3D Projectors Mapping allows custom shapes by using content development and this allows you to  replace signage solution 

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Boost tourism with mappings on iconic landmarks. Or trigger locals to rediscover the beauty of their city by shining a light on forgotten places. 


3D Projectors 

With a wide range of brightness and resolutions, and incredible color accuracy our projectors are able to cover varying surfaces. Their rugged design is the ideal solution for outdoor events, and their installation flexibility provides full peace-of-mind during those large complex projection mapping set-ups.

Solution Brochure Projection Mapping-EN.jpg

Live Event

Projection mappings allow organizers to bring extra stopping power to all kinds of events: concert tours, festivals, and even fashion shows.



There's a recent trend towards large-scale projection mappings inside buildings or industrial landscapes as part of unique digital art exhibitions.

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Laser Projector

Rugged laser projectors with brightness from 20K to 75K lumens
• 4K images that speak with crisp contrast and extraordinary color
• Full range of lenses for various throw distances
• Built-in processing capabilities that enable zero-stress blending and warping

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